Carpenter Manufacturing Company Inc. offers the convenience of acquiring our equipment through cost-effective equipment leasing programs. Our Leasing Programs provide terms from 12-60 months with various Purchase Option ($1.00 or 10%) to match your company’s needs.

Our “7 x $100.” Leasing Program allows you to acquire your equipment with MINIMAL CASH OUTLAY for the FIRST 6 MONTHS. (Only $100.00 per month).

Program Benefits

  • Only $100.00 Advance payment required. (No first & last payments required in advance)
  • Normal 3-4-5 year term available with various Purchase Options.
  • Allows you the opportunity to generate additional revenue during the first 6 months before normal lease payments are required.

In addition to the “7 x $100.” Program we also provide other Flexible Leasing Programs that make it easier for you to acquire equipment.

Equipment Loans are now available in addition to our Leasing Programs to providing financing alternatives.

Benefits of Equipment Leasing

100% FINANCING Initial down payments through standard financing can be as high as 20% – a tremendous drain on cash flow. You can effectively finance 100% of your equipment.

CONSERVE WORKING CAPITAL Working Capital is conserved through financing the cost of the equipment over a number of years, depending on the term of the lease.

TAX ADVANTAGES With various lease programs the monthly payments can be 100% tax deductible as a business expense. A full write-off of equipment cost over the lease term reduces your after tax cost substantially.

OPTIMUM EQUIPMENT Through Equipment Leasing, monthly payments can be structured to math your monthly budget. This allows you to take advantage of the best equipment available for you operation.

Models available to lease
970 & 57
970 & 59
420 & 57
420 & 59
930 & 57
930 & 59

Lease Payments do not include tax, maintenance or insurance.

Lease Program has 60 payments, $1.00 Purchase Option and First & Last Payments in advance.

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